• Woodshield Posts
  • Woodshield Posts
  • Woodshield Posts
  • Woodshield Posts
Woodshield Posts
Size Options:

Strainers: (sold in bundles of 19)

  • 120 X1800mm
  • 120 X 2100mm
  • 120 X 2400mm

Fence Posts: (sold in bundles of 37)

  • 95 X 1800mm
  • 95 X 2100mm
  • 95 X 2400mm

We are pleased to be able to offer the range of Woodshield Fence Posts, the perfect compliment to Horserail fencing, these posts are strong durable and look great.

WoodShield maximizes the latest polymer technology to eliminate splintering, the danger of wood breaks and in most cases cribbing or chewing. We combine the strength and rigidity of timber with a polymer exterior coating that eliminates the shortcomings of traditional wood fencing product.

When our posts are installed they provide a chemical free and extremely safe fencing system Smooth, “easy to handle”, exterior polymer coating makes WoodShield timber posts an extremely low-maintenance product. 

The many attributes of WoodShield fencing posts and rails including their performance and life-expectancy make them the most economically efficient fencing system available to the equine industry in today’s market.


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