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  • Horserail® Fencing
  • Horserail® Fencing
  • Horserail® Fencing
  • Horserail® Fencing
Horserail® Fencing

Magnum Equine Australia is proud to be the distributor of Horserail® Fencing and accessories in Australia where we offer the genuine Horserail® Fencing system imported from the USA.



Benefits and features of Horserail® Fencing:
Horserail's flexible polyethylene is extremely strong, safe and durable. Horserail® has a manufacturer's warranty up to 30 years. No cracking, painting or splintering to repair.  Horserail® products are easy to install with low maintenance and no painting required. 

What is it?
The Electrifiable Rail "Hottop®" is a 4" wide Polyethylene fencing product that won't sag, won't break down over time (UV Stabilised) and is super easy to install yourself.  Attachable to timber, steel or plastic posts this will be the last fence you ever put up!  The rail has three high tensile wires in the product to ensure it says safe and strong, they've been molecularly bonded to the plastic so when you tension one you tension the other!  Being molecularly bonded also means you'll never have to worry about nasty steel wires being exposed to your animal no matter how hard they test it.
Combine a Hottop® Rail with our electrifiable coated wire product "Hotcote®" to work with any budget!  Super strong 2.5mm high tensile wire again coated in Polyethylene that will last beyond 30 years and is super DIY friendly.

DIY Friendly:
One of the main advantages of Horserail® products is how DIY friendly they are.
All orders come with instruction pamphlets for their patented buckles and spooler systems.
With Horserail® being virtually maintenance free you can expect to only have to check the systems once a year.
Even then the majority of Horserail® customers report never having to touch their systems, in the unfortunate event of a tree falling on the fence-line or a natural disaster most systems can be fixed in 10 minutes with one joining buckle.

Cost Effective:
Due to its longevity and easy install/maintenance, your Horserail® fence will be a serious investment in your properties future.
Post and Rail fencing requires more posts, is a harder install, is expensive to repair and will start to fall apart after 5-10 years.
Horserail® guarantees decades of safe, strong and durable fencing.

Super Safe:   
Because the high tensile wires have been molecularly bonded to the polyethylene (not 'machine bonded!) it means the wires can never come free of their housing and wrap around your horses legs.
The Horserail® rail products can easily withstand the weight and power of a panicked animal, catching them and taking away the momentum and keeping them from harm. 

Long Lasting:
Make the next time you fence, the last time you fence.
Due to the high quality of products used, customers of Horserail® products can rest assured their fencing efforts will be rewarded with multiple decades of strong fencing.  The UV stabilised Polyethylene can handle all the extremes the Australian climate can throw at it and the strong bonding of high tensile wires to the plastic means it can handle hard impacts all whilst maintaining a fantastic look.


Some of the benefits of Horserail® 

  • DIY friendly 
  • Low maintenance
  • Looks great
  • Super safe, strong and durable 
  • Can be electrified 
  • Cost effective 
  • No painting required 
  • Long lasting...comes with a 30 year warranty.

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