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Aqua Walker

The Aqua Walker utilises the Magnum® Horse Walker which has a unique Monorail design which produces proven fitness results. The Magnum Aqua Walker is manufactured in New Zealand and Australia.

We offer a three year warranty on all our walkers, this includes parts and labour.


Low Impact with High Resistance exercise for both fitness and rehabilitation.  Designed with both horses and people's safety in mind, the magnum® Aqua Walker is a world class machine.

The Aqua Walker has become a welcome addition to the range of exercise equipment for every day training and is used by many leading trainers, an example being Eliza Park, Rogerson Racing, Kendayla Park, Pencarrow Stud, Karalee Park Stud, Pakenham Race Club.

The monorail system was designed so that the walker runs in a continuous stable motion with each and every gate individually attached to the monorail ensuring the utmost safety of the horse.

Supporting the monorail is a set of both large and small nylon wheels which ensure smooth running of the machine.  The mesh interior and exterior fences allow for greater visibility for both horse and operator when in use increasing your horse safety.  Walkers are fitted with a pedestrian safety barrier rail.  All walkers are fitted with a remote control enabling the operator to start and stop as necessary, ideal for loading and unloading horses.  Generous bays sizes allow horses to turn around in the bay when changing direction.  The walkers are fitted with a control box with 9 variable speed options allowing them to go from 10-25kph, for greater resistance.

The reinforced concrete construction of the pool has a smooth waterproof finish, accommodating a 2100mm wide channel and ramp, this is also available as a 2400mm wide option.  The water level is designed to be at 1100mm and the pool has a wall height of 1250mm.  Magnaclad baffles are fitted to 2.4 pools to increase resistance water flow.   The entrance ramp allows for ease of entering and exiting the pool for all horses.  A horse safe backing gate is fitted as standard.

The screen and filtration system will process 130,000 litres of water per hour via concrete suction points, this is then pumped through a stainless steel screen which will pre filter the water.  From there the water will be pumped through a series of Sand Filter Tanks.  The vacuum system has on mobile 2.2Kw single phase pump and can be set up to vacuum from 2 points around the pool. The water will require chlorination.

All walkers carry a 36 month warranty on all parts and labour

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main uses for the Aqua Walker? 
Increased workout. Greater resistance training. Safe for both horse and staff. 

How many horse can I swim at once?
6 - 10

Why a channel pool? 
The channel pool uses less water. 

What are the extra costs? 
Earthworks. Tanks to store backwash X2 - 15000 ltrs each. Filter shed. Council approval if required. 

What type of filter shed to I require? 
One filter shed is required for the plant approx. 6X5 meter gable roof. 

What are the running costs? 
Power and chemicals - approx. $2500.00 per month 

Does it need chlorine? 
All pools need to have some form of chlorine treatment for water quality. Water treatment - water and pool treatment should take 1-2 hours per day including vacuuming. 

Does the walker have rubber flooring? 
Non slip rubber matting is fitted to the walker entrance and pool walking area. 

Does it come with remote control? 

How much water does the walker use? 
The pool is designed to return the bulk of the water. Back wash can be stored in the tanks, left to settle then returned to top up the pool. 

What is the design of the entrance way? 
Curved design to let the horse walk into the water. 

Does it have a backing gate? 
Yes, to help the horses for their first few times if necessary.

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